As one of southeast Colorado’s top producers of crushed stone, sand and gravel, Prowers Aggregate Operators is a name you can trust. We provide a wide variety of construction materials for our communities to build a better world around us. Our commitment to customer service, product quality, competitive pricing and cost-efficiency has created a strong foundation for growth and job creation in the Lamar, Colorado area.



Aggregate Materials

Prowers Aggregate Operators provide aggregate materials that satisfy a variety of rigid specifications and meet our customers needs at a highly competitive price. Our products are used in many applications


Delivering Quality

With the ability to transport materials by truck or rail, Prowers Aggregate Operators has the capability to supply a range of construction materials with very conservative pricing to many major markets across the nation


Exceptional Service

Prowers Aggregate Operators’ product offerings include a full range of crushed rock, stone, sand and gravel for use by municipal, commercial, industrial and residential construction sectors



Prowers Aggregate Operators is committed to creating and maintaining an accident-free work environment. Our focus on managing the safety of our workforce is constantly emphasized across all of our operations. Many of our employees work with heavy equipment and vehicles on a daily basis. For this reason, safety focus is always top of mind.


The objective of our safety initiatives is to systematically eliminate all potentially harmful incidents from our working lives.


As an environmentally responsible company, Prowers Aggregate Operators is conscious of the impact our operations may have on the environment.

We are committed to prioritizing the health and safety of our employees; minimizing our impact on the environment by developing innovative technologies and approaches to mining, enhancing the local economy and supporting local charities.

Prowers Aggregate Operators is proud of its record of sustainability and ability to become an engine for economic growth in Lamar and the greater Prowers County region.


We offer both delivered and uplifted service to our commercial customers and the general public. We take pride in customer service and product quality – whether supplying large construction projects or small-scale residential and farm improvements.